Our Service

Our service is Car Towing , Car Transportation,Flat Tyre,Battery Boosting..Toll Free 800 7576 / Mob: 056 1158598.

Flat Tyre Fixing

SpeedLink provides flat tire fixing service which can be the patching ,restoring or changing of the flat tire

Car Towing & Transportation

SpeedLink uses the most modern and scientific means ways of towing, its depending on the car and on the intencity of its damages ,professional towing service and assistance will be provided to the customers at nominal rates.

Battery Boosting / Battery Replacement

If the battery does not have enough charge to start the engine, the engine will stop running. Jump starting a car can cause serious damage if you are not careful,call your professional roadside jump-start service for help instead. Speedlink will jump- start a dead-battery , speedLink will give the proper battery servicing and if needed will arrange battery replacement through its own battery division. our Battery servicing includes testing, cleaning, charging, adding water and jump starting a dead battery.

Fuel Delivery

Are you running out of fuel? We can help you to get back on the road again . SpeedLink provides enough petrol or diesel on then spot to ensure that you to travel to the nearest petrol or diesel pump or arrange a tow vehicle to take you nearest petrol or diesel pump.

Car Registration Renewal

Collection of vehicles from your location and carry out technical test at RTA approved testing centre.

Arrange insurance policy as per your requirements.

New vehicle registration or Renewal.

Customs clearance of imported vehicles.

Vehicle export from Dubai to any part of world.

for total loss car, we will clear all documents from insurance company.

Car Insurance

We will provide fast and comprehensive car insurance from the various leading insurance companies in uae.our regular monitoring of the car insurance market makes sure that you’re getting the right cover at the competitive prices. We offer various levels of insurance cover suiting variety of purposes at affordable cost.

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